September HAS been an amazing month! Really enjoying the Slowdive album. The Lydia Loveless album is great, don’t know any of her earlier work so will have to do a bit of digging. I’m still absorbing Nation of Language but it’s growing on me.

Didn’t realize Woods had a new album so will check that out. And also really like the sound on that Hotel Pools video so will have to give that album a whirl.

A couple others that stand out from earlier in the month:

Jalen Ngonda - Come Around And Love Me

Dengue Fever - Ting Mong

And just today, new albums out from

Cherry Glazerr and Blonde Redhead, both of which are fantastic!!

What a month for new music. Thanks for your tips!!

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This month’s music has almost been overwhelming- a great problem to have of course!

Big for me: The Chemical Bros. (thanks for the tip!), Seablite’s “Lemon Lights,” Khruangbin & Men I Trust’s live record, and of course the remix of Tim. Not a new release per se, but man, it’s too good to leave off the list.

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